Therapy Vs. Coaching

Think of Therapists as Surgeons

And then think of Coaches as Primary Doctors or PA’s

Both are skilled, both are in the business of helping people and do a great job of it.

And even though they share much of the same educational foundation, Surgeons have been specifically trained in things Primary Doctors or PA’s haven’t.

So while a surgeon may be needed at the beginning of the process because of their extended education and experience that Primary Doctors or PA’s don’t have — it doesn’t mean that a Primary Doctor isn’t needed anymore.

In fact, the patient has a higher chance of recovery success with consistent accountability and connection. Primary Doctors and PA’s are the long-term care that you need, right?

See the difference?


While Trauma Coaches are very good at what they do, there are quite a few things we can’t or won’t do that therapists can like:

  • Coaches do not treat, nor diagnose mental health illnesses. It is not uncommon for clients to be involved in both coaching and psychotherapy if warranted. Consultation is very possible and encouraged. 

  • Coaching tends to be more collaborative, working with clients as peers. Often goal setting is client directed. 

  • Coaches do not operate from a traditional medical model. 

  • Coaches may assign homework or have contact outside of the scheduled appointment.