Escalated Care Protocol

  • I will immediately complete a Crisis Management Plan with the client.

  • I will immediately take an inventory of the client’s escalated care medical and psychological resources through their insurance, their community, their church and their support system

  • I will make a plan for contacting those medical and psychological resources – who will call, when will they call, what do they need to ask for

  • I will set a time, no later than 48 hours from the time this protocol is triggered, when I will check in with the client to see how they are and if they have obtained escalated care

  • I will remind client that in order to restart coaching session, they must be receiving professional help from someone qualified to address whatever is causing their lack of safety and that professional MUST consent to co-occurring treatment. If the professional will not consent, I may make an agreement with the client to resume working with them at a future date when they are safe and, per this professional, no longer in need of escalated care.