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The Most Powerful Weapon on Earth is the Human Soul on Fire

These stats are just a small reason why I'm becoming a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach. I have my personal reasons which I've posted about before but what started as internal motivations has become just as much about these external motivations. The world is hurting and at times, it feels like there's nothing we can do as individuals. I've felt that helplessness so many times over the last few years. But when I found out that I could make a difference -- albeit a small one -- I knew it was something I had to do. 

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The Reality

It’s one thing to talk about trauma. To relate it back to your own experiences. To listen to your classmates talk about theirs. But it’s an entirely different thing to read about a real case of trauma (names and identifying details were changed, obviously) and begin to pull apart the pieces of the trauma. The intergenerational trauma, family mottos, family rules, blatant abuse, and addiction were abundant and for a brief moment, I worried that I wasn’t prepared for this. Could I really separate my sadness for what this “fictional-but-real” person had gone through and begin to help them heal? Especially when I’m still working on my own recovery and healing.

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